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Minecraft Game Server Hosting

72 Hour Money Back Guarantee

Amazing Features

  • 72 Hour Money Back Guarantee

    Our 72-Hour money back guarantee is the longest you will find for online Minecraft server hosting. If you are not happy then neither are we and a refund will be forthcoming. 

  • DDoS Protection

    All of our locations have DDOS protection, most of them are layer 5 protection which is the maximum any host can get. 

  • Supreme Hardware

    We only use the very best and latest hardware, including NVME, i7 5Ghz, and 10GB networks. 

Turbo Boosted Minecraft Server Hosting

72 Hour Money Back Guarantee

We have made our control panel super easy to use, with all of the functionality our customers have asked for.

You can trust us to host your server with 100% uptime and 24-hour support. Focusing on one game only gives us the time we need to be master of one game rather than dilute our quality hosting 100+ games. Try us, you won't be sorry. Check out our Minecraft site.



Send us an email and see how fast we are at getting back to you. Our support is on 24 hours a day.